Why Is Your Beautiful Site Not Ranking Well?

Do you want to know the truth about your website? Search engines are interested in how your website looks. In fact, they couldn’t care less. Sure, an attractive website will give your business some credibility to a human visitor. But a search engine is yelling “show me the clean code!”

What Turns Search Engines On?

When we take on new clients, they rarely have a deep understanding of how search engines work. So if you are in that boat you’re in good company.

Every search engine is in the business of producing search results that human searchers really want.  Typically, we humans want “the best.”  It is very hard to qualify what is the best, but typically it involves:

  • Eye appeal
  • Logical navigation
  • Mind-blowing content

Since search engines are not interested in eye appeal, the categories left for them to consider is navigation, code, sitemap, speed and content.  In order to decipher how to rank your website search engines read meta information about how users interact with your website.  Search engine developers like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! have found ingenious ways to help their search engines understand which websites are great and which are not.

What Your Customers Want

A beautiful business website is “pretty” useless to you if it does not convert sales in some way. This is especially the case if your industry is service related.  Any visitors will see past your website’s looks once they start to look for what they need.

Hence, crafting content is paramount to building a great website.  Without it your website will fail.  Please understand that crafting content is diametrically opposed to copying content found elsewhere on the web.  Crafting content requires that the writer sculpt content that is specific to the business’s niche.

If a business cannot define its niche, it shouldn’t be in business. 

Your niche tells the writer who your target market is, which keywords to use, how to differentiate your business from competitors, and why customers should care.  And once customers care, so will search engines.

Building great content for your organization shouldn’t be a chore.  If it becomes one your content will suffer.  Why not partner with a professional who can construct great content for your business.