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What Is Local Search Marketing?

You are probably familiar with terms like SEO and PPC. Our approach is different, it is local search marketing. For a local business search engine marketing (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. There are approximately 10 organic and 12 to 15 pay per click results displayed on the first page of Google (excluding the maps). Since most people search using different terms and keywords, it is imperative for a business to cover as much real estate as possible on the first page results. When the search engine optimization falls short, search engine marketing will pick up and bring in the leads. AdWords is a great way to target actively engaged buyers. A well-managed Google AdWords campaign, supported with an easy to navigate content rich website will have your phone ringing off the hook. However, you can’t ignore local SEO. Organic results, especially in your service area, are essential for you to capture the local traffic.

Best practice is to support an AdWords campaign with a strong local search optimization program, directory listings and we do just that. Call us for a free consultation, with no obligation, so we can show you how to dominate local search results in your area.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization has evolved. Finding clever keywords and writing good content is not enough. Content and frequent updates are the new trend. Your local directory listings, social media profiles, reviews, blog posts, and back links play a big factor in your search engine optimization success.SEO has great benefits such as long-term standings and cost effectiveness. However, the placement is not guaranteed and the more keywords and search terms you have, the harder it is to get first page placement. Combine that with a broader geographical area and you are a candidate for search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a great way to support and enhance SEO. Where SEO falls short, SEM picks up to deliver the leads and placement. Google AdWords offers instant measurable results for hundreds of keywords with no geographical restrictions. Results can be tracked fully and campaigns can be optimized frequently for better conversions. We a Certified Google AdWords Partner agency. Our campaigns meet and exceed Google best practice guidelines. That means when we manage your PPC campaign you will get better results.

Re Marketing

We use proven remarketing features of Google AdWords to reach people who visited your website previously but left without buying anything. Tens of thousands of sites belong to the Google Display Network, and you can have your ads pop up for past users as they browse these sites other than yours. If it feels nagging, it is. Yet, it’s incredibly effective! Remarketing offers a more targeted approach to advertising by focusing on near-customers who have already been to your website. They’ve already expressed interest. They’re halfway there. Remarketing allows you to close the sale.

Video Ads

YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world. When it comes to paid advertising campaigns on social networks, new research has found that YouTube is the best platform for introducing new products to potential customers, and is also the best social media site for closing sales with consumers. Videos are sticky and clients get great R.O.I from video advertising. We can select your target audience and demographics and you only pay when someones chooses to watch your ad. It does not get any better than that.

Partners Local Directory

Our unique local directory enhances your business listing and functions as a landing that provides all the information users are looking for in a snapshot. Display your reviews from Yelp, Facebook & Google, List all your products and services with links to your site. Integrate your blog posts, news and your team members. We can also create custom Facebook apps with our directory pages.

Call Tracking & Coaching

As part of your monthly service, we include call tracking numbers which forward to the phone of your choice while recording and emailing calls that come in from your internet marketing campaigns. Why do we do this? We learned early on that we make your phone ring, but we noticed too many clients not converting those calls to sales. We will guide you as to what additional information to put on the website based on caller questions and even provide a script upon request that your staff can follow to answer calls and convert them to sales.