Don’t Pay A % Of Your AdWords Spend to Your Marketing Agency!

A well-managed Google AdWords campaign is the key to success for most businesses in today’s competitive business environment. AdWords gives businesses the opportunity for top placement in selected search terms and cities. It also allows you to target a niche market with specific ads and offers. If managed properly, Google Adwords ROI can surpass any form of media advertising including yellow pages, radio, direct mail and TV.

Many companies that offer search engine marketing in the form of AdWords determine their management fees based upon the dollar amount spent on clicks. In other words, the higher your AdWords budget, the higher your management fee will be.

When it comes to managing your AdWords campaign, you want a company does not bill you a percentage of your spend. Why? Well think about it logically. The more you spend on each click and in total, the higher your management fee. This setup does NOT encourage your AdWords management company to wholeheartedly and aggressively attempt to maximize your click budget. It becomes in their best interest to increase your monthly budget each month.

At Partners in Local Search, we manage AdWords campaigns with a holistic, transparent approach with no click surcharges and we do not bill based on your total AdWords spend. It is in our best interest to decrease as much as possible each cost per click, and your overall Google spend – because our goals are the same as yours – to maximize your ROI.

Our track records speaks for itself. We have managed to optimize and lower click costs by 50%! How do we do this? For one thing, we monitor your quality score which determines how much Google will charge you per click. The higher the quality score, the lower you pay per click. Our advertisers in position #1 on Google search results are paying significantly less per click than their competitors in lower positions!

This leads to fantastic ROI and more profits. If you are interested in a free marketing analysis, please click here.